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Talking to Kids re: Baby Clark, I

15 Apr

JG: Miss Kate, are you pregnant?
Me: Yes
KN: Really? I thought you were just eating too much turkey!
LA: How did you get pregnant?
Me: How do you think I got pregnant?
JG: Was it with your husband?

SB: Miss Kate, are you pregnant?
Me: Yes
SB: Can I see?
KH: Did you use a condom?
SB: K, you can’t ask that! Just ask, did you want a baby.
Me: Well, it was a surprise.
SB: But are you happy about it?

LA: Miss Kate, are you still pregnant?
Me: Yes
LA: When are you going to be unpregnant?
Me: In September
LA: When’s that?

JG: Miss Kate, when are you due?
Me: September
JG: You should have the baby on my birthday!
Me: When’s that?
JG: December 10th.