One Week

13 Aug

Friday: Went to the clinic. Took a blood test and never left: instead, checked into the hospital, diagnosed with pre-eclampsia and HELPP syndrome (Don’t google that, it’s scary). Got hooked up to a million tubes and began a series of a million blood draws.

Saturday: Docs decided around 8:30 a.m. to stop attempting induction and move toward a cesarean. Turned off heparin to get my blood back to clotting enough for surgery. Didn’t work. Tried to reverse it with an injection. Didn’t work. Got a transfusion of fresh frozen plasma. Worked enough — Samuel Wesley Clark was delivered at 7:30 p.m. Peter went with him to the NICU while I woke up from the anaesthisia.

Sunday: Spent in recovery, still hooked up to magnesium IV. Watched the video Peter took of Sam about 5,000 times. Sunday night at 8:30, the IV got turned off and I got to eat solids. Attempted (supervised) to get out of bed, passed out, got revived and moved back to bed by a team of freaked-out nurses.

Monday: Made it from bed into a wheelchair, and made it upstairs to meet my little boy and hold him for the first time. Sam was off of breathing support and just had an oxygen cannula.

Tuesday: Slowly started getting stronger, and Sam did too. He’s breathing totally on his own and starting to eat breastmilk from a bottle when he is awake for feedings, I’m walking instead of wheeling up to the NICU and taking unsupervised showers.

Wednesday: Got discharged from the hospital. Who knew how exhausting going home could be?! Met Sam’s neonatologist and got the scoop on his care — he’ll gradually get to eat more as his digestive system gets stronger, and is self-weaning from the isolette to the crib.

Thursday: Took my first nap with Sam in my arms doing kangaroo care, and got to introduce him to the breast while he was fed through the tube. Realized I spend 4 hours a day pumping breast milk for a kid who eats about 1-1.5 ounces in the same period.

Friday: Sam is almost one week old! He’s increased his feedings to 10mL every three hours. I spend the mornings snuggling with him and Peter and I go do evening prayer in the hospital with him after dinner. Every time we leave him there, it’s a little bit harder…but we trust that he’s coming home soon.

Happy one week, little Sammy boy!


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