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“I used to be real interesting…”

28 Nov


9 lbs, 11 oz

23 Nov

21 Nov 2010

Monday, at 9 lbs, 11 oz, Sam finally topped his dad’s birth weight. Go Sam!

Also: see the resemblance?

Peter & Tyler

7 seconds

13 Nov

According to his baby book, today, at 14 weeks old, Sambutt has a 7-second memory.

It’s like Memento, but cuter.

3 months! (And 2 months…)

10 Nov

Sambutt turned 3 months old on Sunday!

Month three was a busy one: trips to the zoo, weigh-ins at the doctors office, baptism, mama/baby class, and rallying to restore sanity (on our couch). Here’s the three-month-old movie:

And, a month late, I finally got the 2-month-old movie working:

Growing, growing

3 Nov

It’s been a while!

And this is just a drive-by post.

BUT, I had to share that, today, a whole 4 days shy of 3 months, old, Sam has graduated out of newborn clothes…0-3 months, here we come!

He gets weighed again tomorrow…we’re pulling for 8.5 lbs, but we’ll see how close we get 🙂