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Poop is Funny

9 Feb



8 Feb

to one!

Yesterday was Sam’s six-month birthday. He was pretty sleepy, as we had returned from a visit to Kentucky the night before (at midnight…thanks, Frontier!) — but we did manage to catch this gem:

Also, the 5-month video that never got posted (for reference):

Effing rattles, How do they work?

21 Dec

4 months!

9 Dec

Month 4 was a big one for Sammy boy: He tripled his birth weight, had his first (and so far, only) visit to the church nursery, went to Kids in the Rotunda (and slept through it), rode the train to Minnesota for Thanksgiving, and cut down a Christmas tree (well, Pop did…Sam slept through it).

He is sticking almost everything in his mouth, fascinated by our twinkle lights, can kind-of-sort-of keep down a bite or two of baby oatmeal, and is ‘talking’ ALL. THE. TIME. Here’s some evidence:

Take 1 of the 4-month-movie didn’t go so well:

Frankly, neither did take 2, but it’ll have to do for now.

7 seconds

13 Nov

According to his baby book, today, at 14 weeks old, Sambutt has a 7-second memory.

It’s like Memento, but cuter.

Growing, growing

3 Nov

It’s been a while!

And this is just a drive-by post.

BUT, I had to share that, today, a whole 4 days shy of 3 months, old, Sam has graduated out of newborn clothes…0-3 months, here we come!

He gets weighed again tomorrow…we’re pulling for 8.5 lbs, but we’ll see how close we get 🙂

Authoritarian Capitalism – The American Prison System

31 Jul

“I mean, a legal system based on baseball just seems bizarre!”